4 tips to optimize your MBA financial plan

MBA Personal finances have an inevitable and meaningful role in pursuing any higher education or entrepreneurial endeavor. Spending is not only a decisive factor in choosing whether or not you want to pursue an Iceland crystal, but you can put many first-level programs apparently out of reach for many students.

Apply for Scholarships

We recommend that you start doing this as soon as possible, as there is more money available at the beginning of the application cycle. In addition to analyzing public offerings, he thinks in an innovative way of looking for scholarships financed by private organizations, which are generally based on different demographic groups and other unique components.

Work for an employer that provides financial assistance with tuition fees

If you can plan ahead, look for a job in a company that offers financial assistance for MBA programs. Some companies will pay the entire bill (of course, there may be contractual requirements to continue working for X number of years) while others may provide a salary or reimburse a portion of the costs.

Get ready in advance

It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? However, the sooner you get a financial plan in order, the better. If you are just looking to follow an MBA, start saving and establish a certain portion of your funds for this purpose. Preparation also means determining what kind of program you want to do, as some are longer than others. Even if the tuition is the same, a longer program can extend expenses, while it also means more time without a full-time job.

Reducing unnecessary costs

This is budgeting, plain and simple. Organize your expenses into categories, prioritize and see where there is excessive spending. Setting a budget for each category (and even subcategories) will allow you to have a better idea of where your money is going.

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The world of work is changing at a frantic pace: globalization and new technologies are continually altering the way we operate. Therefore, more and more companies demand that their staff demonstrate new skills or abilities to be successful in the face of current challenges.

If you are looking to advance on a personal and professional level, an MBA executive Master (EMBA) can help you develop the most wanted skills by employers and reach the next level in your career.

But what are these skills or abilities you can get with the EMBA? Well, if you’re interested in the issue do not stop reading.


Being proactive in addressing any problems your team has with your plan, project or vision is the best way to ensure a productive job. That communication also allows you to see any real problems in advance so you can make the necessary changes and ensure success.

Conflict resolution

A skill that will get you more out of trouble the more you develop. Whether you’re analyzing case studies, doing team projects or learning from your peers ‘ personal experiences, you’ll be better prepared to understand and handle a wide range of conflicts.

Leadership and increased confidence

The EMBA programs are designed to help you get used to analyzing different business areas from a CEO’s perspective: which will give you a very beneficial strategic vision.

In addition, most offer business leadership training over time, helping participants learn more about themselves and their management styles.

Negotiation and Finance

Understanding balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements are essential skills, especially in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan or analyzing a company’s operating environment.


A German who served as vice president of a Swiss bank admitted on Wednesday his role in an international organization that washed more than one billion dollars using funds from the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA.

Matthias Krull, a resident of Panama, pleaded guilty to an indictment of conspiring to launder money before Florida’s South District Judge Cecilia Altonaga, the U.S. federal prosecutor’s office said.

The Justice Department did not identify the bank in which Krull worked.

Your sentence will be disclosed on October 29th.

As part of a sealed agreement with the prosecution to reduce his sentence, Krull admitted to being part of the criminal organization. He said that from the bank attracted Venezuelan customers, including Francisco Convit Guruceaga, who was indicted for money laundering charges on 16 August.

The 44-year-old banker said the conspiracy began in December 2014 taking advantage of the difference between the official exchange rate and the black market to wash part of about 600 million of PDVSA dollars, obtained through bribes and fraud.

Five months later, the amount had doubled to 1.2 billion of embezzled dollars from PDVSA.

The state oil company represents the main source of income and foreign currencies of the South American nation.

Krull joined the conspiracy about 2016. He said that one of his members contacted him to launder money from PDVSA and he agreed, according to the prosecution.

The banker and other members of the illicit association used Miami to launder the money. Among those involved in the conspiracy are brokerage firms, banks, real estate companies in the United States and other countries, said Krull.

Among the defendants formally in August also appear Venezuelan entrepreneurs known as boliburgueses for doing business with the government of his country.

Master in Civil Engineering-Universidad de Piura

Civil engineering, as opposed to military engineering, is the branch of engineering that applies the knowledge of physics, chemistry, calculus, and geology to the elaboration of infrastructures, hydraulic and transport works. It also has a strong organizational component not only in terms of construction, but also in the maintenance, control, and operation of the built. The University of Piura from Peru offers a master program in this discipline.

This master’s degree in Civil Engineering consists of 12 courses, developed in six academic quarters for 2 years of classroom teaching without the possibility of enrolling in a series of reinforcement courses. At the end of their studies, the participants will have to provide a jury with an original project that demonstrates the capacities acquired during the program.

The methodology focuses on lectures by professional experts, use of specialized materials, development of real engineering projects, tutoring and personal advice for the development of projects and sessions for the application of Specialized software. The master’s degree is aimed at both professionals and officials who manage road projects as well as professionals in the Private Sector, being an essential requirement to be a civil engineer.


On the eve of the celebration for International Women’s Day, know which schools are the best to teach and develop graduate women.

Although it is still necessary to continue working to close the wage gap between men and women, it is important to emphasize that now both genders have the opportunity to access to study a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in different countries Around the world. However, there are still few women who carry out studies in the prestigious business schools.

Five years ago, they represented a third of the students in the top 100 MBA programs classified by the Financial Times. the la figure has barely moved. And it is that there may not be a greater impulse to study these courses if after graduation women will continue to get a share of what their male peers earn.

According to the data, women on average obtained 86% of the salary of their male counterparts. They receive a lower return on investment, says Elissa Ellis Sangster, executive director of Forte Foundation, a consortium of business schools and companies seeking to improve women’s access to commercial education.


Design thinking could give MBA students that appeal that, for some years.

Just a few years ago the MBA was considered to be the ideal type of training to gain access to quality employment and to achieve high salaries. However, the constant updating of the labor market and the growing demands of increasingly skilled workers have caused business schools to present the need to continually renew these programs to form more Trained.

Why are better-trained professionals required?

Because the rise of digital communication, the globalization of trade, and the continual changes in new technologies have brought new problems to modern business.

What should change in the training of MBA students?

That, at the end of their career, they are trained to know the latest business strategies, but at the same time not afraid to innovate and make their own way.

Although in recent decades MBA students have been characterized by their skills to solve problems, in the future it is hoped that these not only can create solutions but also can make these are really innovative and adapted to the world Digital.

What can Design Thinking to contribute to MBA students?

method, Philosophy of life, science or technique, thinking design is a tool that motivates the use of creativity to generate innovative solutions, products or services.

If you learn to think with design thinking as a flag, graduates of these business programs will be able to offer their customers a true innovation, with unexpected and completely useful solutions.

4 tips for choosing an MBA online

Have you decided that you want to continue your training but do not know which way to choose?

• Thanks to the democratization of specialized education nowadays it is easier to access an MBA.

• It is not necessary to spend a fortune to make a good master’s degree.

• Choose the MBA you want to do take your time to weigh all its pros and cons.

Finally, you have finished your studies but, if there is something that you have been clear in the university is that the greater your preparation the more opportunities you will have to get a job afterward. Yes, almost everyone has gone through that moment of doubt but believe us, if you choose to continue studying a master is the best option you could choose.

Be clear about what you want to do

We assume you’ve studied a career you like. When choosing your master, think about what aspects of your career you like best to implement, which branch of your career you prefer and what profession you would like to have in the end. The greater you get that is your specialization better to look for work later.

The extra Prestige

We know that the important thing is that tomorrow you are a competent and well-trained professional. But, despite this, companies are also carried away by concepts such as prestige and may find it more attractive as a future employee if you study at a recognized center.

Master with a future?

In the labor market, as in clothing, there are also trends. Keep in mind which are the masters that offer more possibilities for employment immediately for you.

Practices? Yes, thanks

Practices are the best way to get in touch with the world of work. If you access them through a master’s degree, there is always a chance to end up being hired by the company where you made them.

Why do companies need MBA students?

In an increasingly competitive world, professionals trained in prestigious postgraduate degrees have the guaranteed professional future.

• MBA programs correspond to the needs that companies currently have.

• Training in new technologies or agile methodologies is already a key requirement for access to quality employment.

• Spain is one of the countries in the world that has the most prestigious business schools.

In an increasingly competitive working landscape, with increasingly trained candidates, acquiring the skills demanded by companies is essential to open a gap in the professional world. The MBA programs (Master of Business Administration) complete the training received at the university with updated modules adapted to the needs of the largest companies worldwide and the startups with the greatest projection in the world.

Soft Skills

Companies no longer seek candidates who have only ample knowledge in their field, need something more: empathy, interpersonal skills, responsibility or communicative skills are some of those features that will make you stand out above the Other candidates when it comes to finding a job.

Strategic direction

Being able to make decisions that improve the performance of your team and the company you work in is not something you learn by studying a pile of notes.

Digital skills

At present, no company can survive without the help of the Internet and the new technologies. You can’t get into the working world and get to the top is a digital illiterate.

What program to study?

Universities and business schools have learned the importance of training real professionals through MBA programs, so the offer is very broad and each program fits a specific professional profile.

With what other disciplines can you combine an MBA to be successful professionally?

• MBA’s are the ideal postgraduate studies to achieve the best competencies in the field of business management.

• We show you different training options that will increase your employability and with which you can get highly appreciated competencies in the world of work.

• Innovative business schools and universities are committed to providing highly focused training options to obtain the best professional outings in a specific sector or activity.

The MBA’s are of the most competitive postgraduate studies in the higher education market and better adapted to the needs of the companies, in relation to the business management.

Many students of ADE, Marketing or economics tend to opt for an MBA that allows them to improve their professional outings and, above all, can orient them towards the professions and positions that they like best.

It is clear that an MBA is the best way to ensure professional success in the business world, but this can be better oriented towards our interests if you choose a specialty and postgraduate that allow us to specialize in a specific area.

MBA with international training

The European University of Madrid offers an executive MBA specializing in high management that is done with a stay at Berkeley University.

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya offers a training package aimed at those students who know that the business world is the area where they want to work.

In this case, it is the combination of the degree in ADE with an MBA Fast Track Program, which consists of completing an MBA at the Iona College-do School of bussiness in New York, one year long.

The MBA in the United States includes the management of a visa to be able to work for a year in the country.

Specialties to complete an MBA


Public and private investment, finance and the stock market are very relevant areas in business management and will allow you to access highly strategic areas of work in the world of banking, insurance or multinational venture capital.


All kinds of large companies need experts in designing strategic plans and combining the operational phases of a company, with the commercial vision and the response that it has in the market, the products or services offered.

The most useful careers in a globalized world

Get ready for the new challenges and opportunities that globalization gives you.

• Globalization and closeness provoked by the digital age allow us to expand our professional development to a labor market without frontiers.

• We show you some of the careers and studies related to this new context and very useful for the new challenges that we face.

• Digital skills and language proficiency are the highly useful knowledge that will allow you to adapt to change and unlimited job opportunities.

The digital age and connectivity have overcome many physical barriers and democratized many aspects, such as education or professional skills.

We move in a globalized and very competitive world, but we also have access to more job opportunities and to develop knowledge or skills that add a differential value and allow us to better adapt to change.


The usefulness of technical and technological knowledge shows that these types of careers are related to a globalized world.

This type of professionals is leading the technological innovation and the large-scale implementation of new resources, such as Artificial intelligence, robotics or Big Data.

Telecommunications and ICT

ICT governs any business, commercial activity or economic relationship.
The possibilities of digital devices, mobile applications, wearables, and digital sales and purchase channels are related to all markets, countries, and types of society.

Digital Marketing

It is the field that has been most revolutionized with the advent of the digital age and the globalization of markets and communications, thanks to social networks and connectivity.

Creativity, strategic skills and the mastery of technological tools to offer new services are a constant in this area, as well as the emergence of new professional profiles with high labor demand.